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Orange arrow What is Resveratrol?

  Resveratrol is found in the skin of red grapes and is the factor in red wine responsible for ‘the French Paradox’. Despitetheir diet high in calories and saturated fats, the French, who consume red wine regularly, have low incidences of obesityand cardiovascular problems. Resveratrol is...
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Orange arrow How much resveratrol is in Liquid BioCell Life?

  Resveratrol, as an ingredient, comes in a variety of potencies. We use the "98% pure Trans-Resveratrol" sourced from Japanese knotweed in Liquid BioCell Life. The amount of Resveratrol is not disclosed and is part of our proprietary Life Blend. Liquid BioCell Life provides an ample dosage of Resver...
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Tagged: Resveratrol

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