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Orange arrow What is Resveratrol?

  Resveratrol is found in the skin of red grapes and is the factor in red wine responsible for ‘the French Paradox’. Despitetheir diet high in calories and saturated fats, the French, who consume red wine regularly, have low incidences of obesityand cardiovascular problems. Resveratrol is...
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Orange arrow What fruits are in Liquid BioCell™ Life?

  Liquid BioCell Life contains a combination of 13 fruits that supply a wide range of polyphenols, flavonoids and otherpowerful antioxidants. All of the fruits in Liquid BioCell Life are carefully selected based upon ongoing scientific research.These fruits are:• Blueberry• Red Grape• ...
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Orange arrow Does Liquid BioCell™ Life contain preservatives?

  Liquid BioCell Life does contain trace amounts of preservatives in order to maintain efficacy and product stability. Eachbottle of Liquid BioCell Life has a shelf life of 15 months in an unopened bottle; however, it should be refrigerated immediately after opening....
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Orange arrow How much Liquid BioCell™ is in each serving of Liquid BioCell™ Life?

  Liquid BioCell is a naturally occurring matrix of bioavailable hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed collagen, and depolymerizedchondroitin sulfate. The amount of Liquid BioCell is not disclosed, as it is part of the proprietary blend. Liquid BioCell Lifeprovides an ample and ecacious dosage of Liquid BioCe...
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Orange arrow What is the source of the acidic ingredients in your product?

  Citric acid is a natural preservative and undergoes several steps during the purification process. Our products utilize thehighly pure crystalline form. All of our ingredients, including ascorbic acid, also known as Vitamin C, and citric acid arenon-GMO.Life, Sport and Skin products each contain ci...
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Orange arrow How many grams of sugar are in Liquid BioCell Skin? Is Liquid BioCell Skin safe for diabetics?

  Liquid BioCell Skin contains only three grams of naturally-occurring sugar with each serving. Diabetics should have theirblood sugar levels tested regularly. Anyone with a diagnosed health condition should consult their doctor prior to changingtheir diet or using any dietary supplements. This produ...
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Orange arrow Is Liquid BioCell™ Life organic?

  Liquid BioCell Life is made with natural ingredients, but is not certified organic....
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Orange arrow Since Liquid BioCell™ is derived from sternal cartilage, is the poultry source organic? Are they humanely treated?

  Liquid BioCell is derived from a by-product of humanely-treated chickens from the world’s most reputable and regulatedfarms. It is also GMO, antibiotic, and hormone-free....
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