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The Science Behind Liquid BioCell
Active Joints. Amazing Skin.
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Orange arrow Why Liquid BioCell™ Life?

  Liquid BioCell Life provides the exclusive, multi-patented Liquid BioCell, combined with antioxidant-rich super fruits andResveratrol, all in a delicious liquid dietary supplement. The combination of these ingredients works synergistically topromote healthy aging, active joints, and younger-looking...
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Orange arrow What ingredients are in Liquid BioCell™ Life?

  Liquid BioCell Life is a highly bio-available liquid nutritional supplement that contains a proprietary blend of science-substantiatedingredients including multi-patented Liquid BioCell, Resveratrol, and 13 antioxidant-rich super fruits from aroundthe world....
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Orange arrow What is Liquid BioCell™?

  Liquid BioCell is the exclusive, highly bioavailable liquid form of BioCell Collagen® TF, which is a clinically researched,multi-patented nutraceutical ingredient that helps the body maintain healthy connective tissues, flexible joints and youthfullooking skin. Medical professionals and nutriti...
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Orange arrow What is the recommended daily dosage of Liquid BioCell™ Life?

  The recommended daily dosage is two (2) ounces, twice daily. It is best to take Liquid BioCell Life once in the morning andagain, once in the evening. Liquid BioCell Life can be taken with or without food or water, depending on your preference....
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