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Orange arrow What is the GENERATIONS STRUCTURE?

  Leg: Each person placed on an iRep’s 1st Level begins a Leg to that iRep. Personal Group: All the iReps in an iRep’s organization, down to, but not including the next Venture III in each Enrollment Tree leg. Level: A person placed under an iRep defines his/her 1st Level. The iReps un...
Orange arrow What are the qualifications to be an active rep?

  Qualifications include Volume, number of Legs, etc., as referenced in the Compensation Plan Summary/Guide iRep: A Jusuru Independent Representative who has agreed to all terms and conditions, policies and procedures, to sell Jusuru products, and earn commissions and bonuses. Commission Active: To...
Orange arrow How do I maintain my paid-as-rank?

  Venture III: A previously Paid-as Venture III will remain Paid-as Venture III Qualified for the period in which an iRep in his/her Personal Group Volume first achieves the Rank of Venture III, as long as the iRep meets the PV requirement. Endeavor I and above: If an iRep has one or two legs that a...
Orange arrow What are the different types of volumes?

  Qualification Volume (QV): Used to determine the iRep’s Volume qualification for Ranks. Commissionable Volume (CV):Used to qualify for, and calculate Commissions and Bonuses for the iRep. Personal Volume (PV): An iRep’s PV is comprised of the QV of all personal orders, as well as orde...
Orange arrow What are the customer types?

  iReps can register customers in one of two categories, with no signup fees. A Retail Customer purchases products directly from the iRep, or online at retail pricing. Wholesale Customers will receive products at wholesale prices when registered for an Autoship of 70 dollars or more. The PV from Re...
Orange arrow What are the Hierarchy Trees?

  The iRep Office illustrates the Jusuru Compensation Plan using two (2) hierarchal trees: Sponsor Tree - The hierarchal organization of Retail/Preferred Customers and iReps that is used for all Commissions, Bonuses and Rewards except Team Bonuses. Placement Tree - The Placement Tree is a hierarcha...
Orange arrow What are the commission periods?

  Weekly Commission: Monday through midnight Sunday. Includes Fast Start Bonuses and Retail Commissions. Paid a week in arrears. Monthly Commission: Starts the 1st of the month and ends at midnight the last day of the month. Includes 3 for Free, Team Commissions, Check Match, Elite Bonuses, Leaders...

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