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Orange arrow When building the G.R.I.D., do you personally enroll their contacts or do you give the new person whose list you are calling the sponsorship?

  You give the new person the sponsorship because it is their list and their contacts. By building the G.R.I.D., you are helping them build their business and yours at the same time by plugging into their contacts and showing them how....
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Orange arrow What happens to the people we place under other people who are just customers? Will they be extracted from an official G.R.I.D.?

  No one can be placed under customers. G.R.I.D. positions are designed for Business Builders. It's not about filling in 9 names; it's about finding Business Builders at least 3 levels deep, and it may not be 3 consecutive levels....
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Orange arrow Will there be a G.R.I.D. structure in the iRep Office? How will I see my iReps and customers in the genealogy display?

  There is a G.R.I.D. worksheet available in the iRep Office for download. Your iReps will display in your iRep Office as usual, however, sometime after October 1, 2015 your Wholesale Customers will display separately, allowing you to focus on the G.R.I.D. Think of the G.R.I.D. as a visual stamp repr...
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Orange arrow What does it mean to show "The Plan"?

  “Showing The Plan" is to show the basics of the compensation plan and our business model, so the prospect can see how our business works. It is broader than just the “G.R.I.D.” The G.R.I.D. means “Getting Results in Depth”, and it is how you build depth and in turn, a ...
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Orange arrow Is this G.R.I.D. for me personally, and is it only for my own information? Does the company see it?

  There is a G.R.I.D. worksheet in your iRep Office. This is something that you can download and print out for your own information. iReps who enroll are visible in your iRep Office by you, your sponsorship team, and the company. The concept is that if you have three people on your first level who ar...
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Orange arrow What does G.R.I.D. stand for?

  Getting Results In Depth....
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