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Orange arrow Will the iRep Office calculate and move Personal Volume (PV) into multiple legs? How will it calculate?

  PV is added to the 3rd highest leg by the commission process, to assist the iRep in qualifying....
Orange arrow If my own order is 35PV (Personal Volume), and my Retail Customer buys 115PV, do I qualify to have my commission paid in this scenario?

  Yes, because it is a retail order. The total is 140 CV and makes you Commission Active....
Orange arrow If I have placed people that I have enrolled under an iRep, will that iRep earn commissions?

  Yes, Team Commissions are based on the placement you have given....
Orange arrow What does “Unigen” mean and how is it different from a “Unilevel” compensation plan? Please explain how a “Unigen” works.

  Please go to the Jusuru Training website and watch the explanation of the compensation plan....
Orange arrow Do I receive commissions on my Personal Volume?

  Your Personal Volume (PV) is added to your Personal Group Volume, your 1st Generation in the Team Commission. If you are a V3 and above you will earn 7% on your 1st Generation....
Orange arrow How will I know if my $700 Personal Group Volume (PGV) qualification gets met? Will I see it in the iRep Office?

  PGV may be difficult to view if looking at your tree. Your iRep Office will have a PGV section, so there's no guessing, the computer will tell you....
Orange arrow Does the volume of Wholesale Customers count toward my Personal Volume (PV)?

  Yes, Wholesale Customer volume is part of your Personal Volume. Your PV is then added to your Personal Group Volume (PGV)....
Orange arrow Regarding my Personal Commissionable Volume requirement of $700 each month, as long as I have myself and about 4 customers (non V3’s), will I be meeting the PCV requirement?

  All customers and iReps (V1 & V2’s only) as well as your own Personal Volume qualify you toward the $700 monthly PCV requirement. For example, if you had 4 customers at $140 ($140 x 4=$560), plus your own $140, you would be qualified....
Orange arrow If you have one iRep under another iRep under another, and none of them end up building a business (only purchasing product), where does their volume go?

  Personal Group Volume (PGV) is your PV, plus the PV of anyone under you, down to the next V3, not including that V3, regardless of depth. If you do not have a Venture III iRep or higher, the entire team volume is considered part of your PGV....
Orange arrow How does getting paid on Generations equate to getting paid on up to 20 levels?

  Please go to the website and watch the explanation of the compensation plan....

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