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Orange arrow Generally, the bottom line is we still need a minimum of $140 in order to be COMMISSION ACTIVE, correct? Does it matter if that $140 comes from a random purchase or must is be an official "autoship?"

  There several separate issues: • Autoship is NOT required for an iRep to earn commissions. • Autoship IS required for an iRep to qualify for 3 for Free. An iRep must have a Paid for Autoship, to receive 3 for Free. • To be COMMISSION ACTIVE, so you can earn bonuses and commissions...
Orange arrow Can iReps be placed to create a V3, or do the V3s needed for rank qualification (5 for Enterprise) need to personally sponsored?

  You do not “create a V3” by placing people under them. This is exactly the behavior that we are eliminating. ‘V3 makers’ now must be duplicating themselves through the GRID System. To ‘make a V3’ now means to build your business by sponsoring three of their list ...
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Orange arrow What if the V3 earns a free case but does not purchase a case, does that still count as a V3?

  No, this scenario is not possible. Again, getting a free case on Autoship, without paying for one’s own Autoship, is the Wholesale Customer program, not the program for iReps. To receive your 3 for Free product, you must have a Paid-for Autoship....
Orange arrow I have placed customers under Business Builders (iReps) to help me with rank and volume based upon the previous compensation plan. In the new system, it looks like I will be a different rank. What sh

  You'll need to focus Volume per leg for rank requirements, in addition to some very basic structural requirements, which can be found online at
Orange arrow Is it ok if my 5th leg does a minimum of 140 provided my other legs meet the requirements of the compensation plan?

  Yes, an Active Leg is a Leg with at least one Active iRep, having 140 PV, or higher. However, you should not have anyone who is enrolled as an iRep, and only purchases minimum for very long. You can only benefit by supporting the development of every iRep in your front line....
Orange arrow Does an iRep who is Paid-as Venture III, but whom I did not personally sponsor, fulfill the Active V3 Leg requirement?

  Yes, the requirement for personally sponsored legs is only to establish the leg. Personally Sponsored Active Legs come from those you enroll so that you have the foundation of the G.R.I.D. system for: mentoring those you enroll, establishing your business, reaching Venture III, and establishing an ...
Orange arrow Do you have to buy a case to be commission active?

  To be COMMISSION ACTIVE, so you can earn bonuses and commissions, does NOT require a personal purchase. The 140 PV requirement can come from any combination of Wholesale and Retail Customers who purchase online, as well as personal purchases....

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