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Category: Wholesale Customers
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Orange arrow If a customer skips a month, will they continue on wholesale pricing the following month?

  Yes, as long as they remain on Autoship, they may delay a month from time to time....
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Orange arrow Who gets credit for referrals from Wholesale Customers?

  The Wholesale Customer will be tracked in a “tree” that contains just Wholesale Customer links. Whoever enrolls the Wholesale Customer receives the credit towards their 3 for Free Qualification. The iRep receiives the PV from all Wholesale Customers in his/her personal group, even when ...
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Orange arrow Can a Wholesale Customer enroll someone?

  A Wholesale Customer cannot enroll someone. However, they can refer someone to sign up as a Wholesale Customer through their customer referral website. Wholesale customers are motivated to get new Wholesale Customers in their 3 For Free, and qualify to receive free product. They do not earn commiss...
Orange arrow Do I need a lot of Wholesale Customers enrolled in my top three levels?

  Wholesale Customers are designed to be equally as lucrative as iReps, and the more Wholesale Customers the better. There is, however, no specific requirement to have them down in ‘levels’ under you....
Orange arrow What is the minimum required Autoship amount for a Wholesale Customer to receive wholesale pricing?

  The minimum is $70 PV on Autoship....
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Orange arrow Do Wholesale Customers who qualify for 3 For Free count in Personal Group Volume (PGV)?

  Once Wholesale Customers get the products at no charge through the 3 for Free, Volume is considered PV and is included in your PGV qualification, but is not commissionable. For example, if you have a 3 for Free Wholesale Customer, your PGV may be $700, but the commission would be paid on $560 of th...
Orange arrow Does the volume of Wholesale Customers count toward my Personal Volume (PV)?

  Yes, Wholesale Customer volume is part of your Personal Volume. Your PV is then added to your Personal Group Volume (PGV)....
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Orange arrow What happens if a Wholesale Customer (WC) wants to convert to an iRep? Is the genealogy tree affected? Where will I see the new iRep?

  The genealogy tree is still intact for a customer or iRep. If a WC upgrades to an iRep, the iRep Office will still keep the links....
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Orange arrow What happens if a Wholesale Customer (WC) finds a Business Builder when they are contacting referrals for 3 For Free?

  Wholesale Customers cannot enroll Business Builders as iReps. The sponsor of the Wholesale Customer can advise them of how to move forward. The best option would be for the WC to convert to an iRep within 28 days of the referral enrolling as an iRep in order to take advantage of the generous Fast S...
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Orange arrow What happens when a Wholesale Customer becomes an iRep? Do their referrals stay with them?

  Yes, Wholesale Customers who become iReps keep their registered Wholesale Customers and continue to benefit from 3 for Free....
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Orange arrow Is there a notification sent to the sponsor when a Wholesale Customer converts to an iRep?

Orange arrow Can Wholesale Customers receive wholesale pricing on all orders, not just Autoship orders?

  Yes, as long as they maintain an active Autoship....
Orange arrow What is the difference between a Wholesale Customer and a Retail Customer?

  A Retail Customer purchases Jusuru products at the retail price. A Retail Customer who choose to sign up for Autoship can become a Wholesale Customer and receive the wholesale price on the subsequent Autoship orders. Additionally, they can receive FREE product by referring three who are Active and ...
Orange arrow Do Wholesale Customers have their own website and can they refer people for free products?

Orange arrow Will I receive notification if my Wholesale Customer converts to an iRep?

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