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Orange arrow What do I do with iReps or perspective iReps who do not have a computer or email address?

  We require all iReps to have a valid email address and/or phone number for security and communication purposes. We recommend you help them get an email address. However, if you cannot have someone assist them with getting an email address, there are options: We accept faxed enrollments and orders. ...
Orange arrow Does Jusuru take phone enrollments?

  Enrolling a new iRep cannot be done over the phone. All new iReps must accept the terms and conditions, as well as validate their personal data. Jusuru, however, will sign-up Wholesale Customers over the phone, as well as take phone orders....
Orange arrow Can a new Business Builder enroll for $39.95 and purchase a case for $140 without having to purchase a Fast Start Pack?

  Yes. They will be Fast Start 0 qualified so they earn Fast Start Bonuses of 15% on level 1, and 7% on level 2. Enrolling this way is referred to as a “slow start,” since their Bonus percentage will increase only as they achieve higher ranks....
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Orange arrow I want to get my team members the best commissions possible. Should they enroll new people as iReps/Business Builders or Wholesale Customers?

  The choice should be left to the new person who is enrolling or purchasing. Simply put, people whose only purpose is to consume our products, and/or possibly get their products free should sign up as Wholesale Customers. Clearly having a large focus on attracting customers will benefit you. Anyone ...
Orange arrow When building the G.R.I.D., do you personally enroll their contacts or is the new person whose list you are calling the sponsor?

  The new person is the sponsor because it is their list and their contacts. By building the G.R.I.D., you are helping them build their business and yours at the same time by plugging into their contacts and showing them how....
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Orange arrow If a new iRep enrolls, pays the $39.95 enrollment fee, but does not make a purchase of at least $140 until the 27th day, will that be considered a “first order” and eligible for Fast Start bonuses t

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Orange arrow How does a customer get the best price for Jusuru products? How does an iRep get the best price?

  Customers receive the best discount off of retail pricing by becoming a Wholesale Customer. IReps get paid on the Personal Volume of all the volume in Team Commission Bonuses, including their own orders. The wholesale price is the best price, which includes discounts of up to 40% off retail with sp...
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Orange arrow Can an iRep or Wholesale Customer order and pay for product, and have it shipped to someone else?

  Initial enrollment orders must be shipped to the person purchasing in order to verify the correct address and shipping information, and to ensure the new customer or iRep receives the product they have purchased. The option to drop ship product to a different address will be allowed only after the ...
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Orange arrow What is the difference between the Sponsor Tree and the Placement Tree? Which one will contain iReps and which one will contain Wholesale Customers?

  The Sponsor Tree is used for linking both iReps and Wholesale Customers to the iRep who enrolls them. It is started by building a G.R.I.D. Everyone you enroll has a second link, and this is in the Placement Tree. The Placement Tree begins as being identical, but allows you to place your enrollments...
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Orange arrow Can a Wholesale Customer enroll someone?

  A Wholesale Customer cannot enroll someone. However, they can refer someone to sign up as a Wholesale Customer through their customer referral website. Wholesale customers are motivated to get new Wholesale Customers in their 3 For Free, and qualify to receive free product. They do not earn commiss...
Orange arrow What is the policy on enrolling a spouse?

  We permit spouses to enroll. A spouse can enroll under their spouse, who is already an iRep, or elsewhere in the downline of the spouse’s sponsor....
Orange arrow What is the difference between 'moving' someone and ‘placing’ them? How do you place?

  Placing or moving someone is the same thing, but we use placement to emphasis that it is the placement of YOUR personally enrolled iRep in your Placement Tree organization. Placements are done through your holding tank in your iRep Office. You have 60 days to place someone, but if they are done it ...
Orange arrow Will there still be a holding tank after October 1, 2015 for personally enrolled iReps? Does placement have to be done within the first 28 days?

  The holding tank will be a rolling 60 days. We recommend placements happen within the first week, if possible. No other moves are permitted....
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