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Orange arrow Why is the Holding Tank Frozen until after the 10th of the month?

  During the first ten days of each calendar month, we process, calculate and validate ranks and commissions for all Jusuru International iReps. During this time, our Holding Tank is “frozen”, meaning the moves feature in your iRep Office and on our internal software is not active, in ord...
Orange arrow How much is the enrollment fee and do Wholesale Customers need to enroll in order to receive the wholesale?discount?

  Wholesale Customers are registered without paying an enrollment fee and the enrollment process is much simpler. They receive the wholesale pricing as long as they have an Autoship order of at least $70. A new Wholesale Customer’s initial order is $140....
Orange arrow What if the Wholesale Customer no longer has an active Autoship? Will we have information on their referrals?

  Yes, you will see all Wholesale Customers, the referrals they register as they are tracked through your Jusuru 2.0 iRep Office. Please review this document for more information:
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Orange arrow Do you have to buy a case to be commission active?

  To be COMMISSION ACTIVE, so you can earn bonuses and commissions, does NOT require a personal purchase. The 140 PV requirement can come from any combination of Wholesale and Retail Customers who purchase online, as well as personal purchases....
Orange arrow Do Japanese iReps and Wholesale Customers count for U.S. / Canadian iReps to earn JAR Points, Getaway points and 3 For Free?

  Yes, the Wholesale Customer program works the same in Japan as it does in the U.S. and Canada....
Orange arrow How often do I get paid my commissions?

  Commissions are paid on the 10th of each month via a personalized Jusuru debit card, or direct deposit to your bank account. Jusuru also pays Fast Start Bonuses on a Weekly basis, every Tuesday for the prior week, ending on Sunday. Please visit for more information, or contact...
Orange arrow I want to get my team members the best commissions possible. Should they enroll new people as iReps/Business Builders or Wholesale Customers?

  The choice should be left to the new person who is enrolling or purchasing. Simply put, people whose only purpose is to consume our products, and/or possibly get their products free should sign up as Wholesale Customers. Clearly having a large focus on attracting customers will benefit you. Anyone ...
Orange arrow If an iRep joins with one case and enrolls 4 people, then decides to buy a $500 FSP, what commission will he or she get on the 4 iReps enrolled?

  iReps can only upgrade within their first 28 days of enrollment. If an iRep wants to benefit from his or her recent enrollments, the upgrade must be done in the same commission week to be paid on those new iReps. For example, if you enroll Tuesday, sign up 5 iReps on Saturday, you must upgrade befo...
Orange arrow Is the Fast Start Bonus retroactive? For example, if someone upgrades at a later date in their initial 28 days?

  Fast Start Bonuses are not calculated retroactively. If an iRep wants to benefit from his or her recent enrollments, the upgrade must be done in the same commission week to be paid on those new iReps. But remember, iReps cannot upgrade beyond their first 28 days. For example, if you enroll Tuesday,...
Orange arrow If an iRep does not purchase a Fast Start Pack (FSP) but purchases $500 worth of product, will that give them the same Fast Start Bonus percentage as if they bought a FSP?

  No, only Fast Start Packs will count. Everyone who enrolls to build their business is encouraged to begin with one of the Fast Start Packs, which are designed to give the new iRep personal experience with all the Jusuru products that they will represent....
Orange arrow If someone enrolls as an iRep and purchases the Fast Start 3 Pack and becomes Fast Start 3 Qualified, will they remain Fast Start 3 Qualified the following month even if they don't hit their rank?

  Once you're an iRep who is Fast Start 3 Qualified, by advancing in Rank or purchasing a Fast Start 3 Pack, you will always retain your Fast Start 3 Qualification, even if your Rank goes up or down. You do not lose your Fast Start Qualification unless - you become Inactive or downgrade your status t...
Orange arrow Do I earn Fast Start Bonuses when the person enrolling purchases something other than a Fast Start Pack?

  Yes, you earn your Fast Start bonus on the initial order of your new iRep purchases. As Endeavor I and higher, you'll earn 30% of your new iRep's Volume. The Fast Start pack allows them to earn higher Fast Start bonuses right away, and boosts your Fast Start by starting with higher Volume....
Orange arrow How long will new iReps have to upgrade their Fast Start pack? What about existing iReps?

  New iReps will have 28 days to upgrade their Fast Start pack. Existing iReps will have an opportunity to upgrade during the months of October and November, 2015. Please check with customer support for details....
Orange arrow Are Fast Start Bonuses paid on additional orders during that 28-day Fast Start period?

  Fast Start bonuses are paid on all Fast Start and Fast Start Upgrades purchased during the Fast Start period of the new iRep. Fast Start bonuses are also paid on the initial purchase of new iReps who do not purchase Fast Start Packs. It is not paid on all orders within the 28 days....
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Orange arrow Does the sponsor always get Fast Start on an upgrade or only in the month of enrollment?

  Upgrades can only be processed within the first 28 days. Fast Start bonuses are paid on all Fast Start and Fast Start Upgrade packs....

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