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Category: compensation
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Orange arrow Why is the Holding Tank Frozen until after the 10th of the month?

  During the first ten days of each calendar month, we process, calculate and validate ranks and commissions for all Jusuru International iReps. During this time, our Holding Tank is “frozen”, meaning the moves feature in your iRep Office and on our internal software is not active, in ord...
Orange arrow What is a Jusuru Debit Card?

  A Jusuru debit card is a custom Visa debit card that is loaded with your monthly commissions. This card can be used with a PIN number just like your ATM card, and wherever Visa is accepted. You may also choose to receive commissions via direct deposit....
Orange arrow How often do I get paid my commissions?

  Commissions are paid on the 10th of each month via a personalized Jusuru debit card, or direct deposit to your bank account. Jusuru also pays Fast Start Bonuses on a Weekly basis, every Tuesday for the prior week, ending on Sunday. Please visit for more information, or contact...
Orange arrow I want to get my team members the best commissions possible. Should they enroll new people as iReps/Business Builders or Wholesale Customers?

  The choice should be left to the new person who is enrolling or purchasing. Simply put, people whose only purpose is to consume our products, and/or possibly get their products free should sign up as Wholesale Customers. Clearly having a large focus on attracting customers will benefit you. Anyone ...

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