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Orange arrow Is there an age requirement to become a Jusuru Independent Representative?

  Anyone enrolling as a Jusuru Independent Representative must be of legal age in their state of residence. In most cases, this is at least eighteen years of age....
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Orange arrow Why is the Holding Tank Frozen until after the 10th of the month?

  During the first ten days of each calendar month, we process, calculate and validate ranks and commissions for all Jusuru International iReps. During this time, our Holding Tank is “frozen”, meaning the moves feature in your iRep Office and on our internal software is not active, in ord...
Orange arrow How do I access my iRep Office?

  To log into your iRep Office: 1) Go to your website (i.e. 2) Click on the “Log In” link in the upper right corner of the webpage. 3) Enter your “Username”, which is your six-digit iRep Number. 4) Enter your “Password”. If you do not k...
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Orange arrow What is 3forFree?

  You need 3 people who are Active with at least 1 case (140PV) in a calendar month who have an Autoship scheduled for the following month. You will receive your free product in the next calendar month. Here is a link with all the details:
Orange arrow What is your return policy for Wholesale and Retail customers?

  Jusuru International offers a 100% Money-Back Guarantee to all new Retail and Wholesale Customers for Jusuru products purchased within their first 90 days as a Customer. If our Customers are dissatisfied with their purchase for any reason, they may return the empty bottles or unused portion to Jus...
Orange arrow What are the rules for marketing Liquid BioCell?

  Below are our policies with regard to advertising. I. Methods of Advertising: Distributors may advertise using the following means: 1. Newspaper: A Distributor may place a generic business opportunity advertisement in the classified section of a local newspaper, provided the advertisement conform...
Orange arrow How do I track my orders?

  Tracking your orders is simple when you use your iRep Office. 1) Log into your iRep Office. 2) Click on the “Orders” tab on top of the dashboard. 3) Select “All Orders” on the left navigation. You can view the date, order number, amount of order placed, whether or not it...
Orange arrow My card was declined for an annual membership renewal, what is this?

  Congratulations! It has been a year since you joined Jusuru International, Inc. Happy Anniversary! Your Annual Membership renewal ran recently, however, unfortunately the transaction did not go through. Would you please contact us at (714) 678-1600 so we can make sure your Membership does not lapse...
Orange arrow How do I change my autoship address?

  You may change the address of your monthly automatic shipments by doing the following: 1) Log into your iRep Office 2) Click on “Orders” 3) Select “Autoship” 4) Choose the “Edit” button for monthly automatic shipment 5) Click “Change” in the sh...
Orange arrow Can I participate in clinical trials?

  We are a company dedicated to clinical research and are constantly working with third-party Clinical Research Organizations (CRO’s) to continue to fuel advancements and scientific validation on our products. Since our clinical trials are done by third party CRO’s, their subjects are cho...
Orange arrow How to change my profile/personal information?(not logged into iRep Office)

  Instructions on How to Change Your Profile Information in the iRep Office: 1) Go to your website: ( 2) Click on the “Log In” link in the upper right corner of the webpage 3) Enter your “Username”, which is your six-digit iRep Number: (Your iRep Numb...
Orange arrow How do I cancel my Autoship?

  You may cancel your Autoship at any time online through your iRep Office under the “Autoship” tab or by contacting the Jusuru Home Office. You may also postpone your Autoship to a later date. There is no penalty for canceling your Autoship, however, those with 140 PV (Personal Volume) a...
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Orange arrow How do I cancel my Jusuru membership?

  You may cancel your Jusuru membership at any time either by sending an email to support@jusuru .com or a written letter to our home office at 1250 N. Red Gum St. Anaheim CA, 92806. We suggest cancelling or postponing your Autoship rather than your membership since your membership is good for one ye...
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Orange arrow How can I change my Autoship date?

  Automatic shipment schedules may be changed, if you do the following: 1) Log into your iRep Office 2) Click on “Orders” 3) Select “Autoship” in the left navigation 4) Select the “Monthly” type of autoship 5) Click on “View/Edit” for the “Mo...
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Orange arrow How do I order marketing materials?

  All printed marketing materials may be purchased through your iRep Office, the Jusuru Media Center, or by visiting

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