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The Science Behind Liquid BioCell
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Orange arrow Why is the Holding Tank Frozen until after the 10th of the month?

  During the first ten days of each calendar month, we process, calculate and validate ranks and commissions for all Jusuru International iReps. During this time, our Holding Tank is “frozen”, meaning the moves feature in your iRep Office and on our internal software is not active, in ord...
Orange arrow What are the rules for marketing Liquid BioCell?

  Below are our policies with regard to advertising. I. Methods of Advertising: Distributors may advertise using the following means: 1. Newspaper: A Distributor may place a generic business opportunity advertisement in the classified section of a local newspaper, provided the advertisement conform...
Orange arrow What is the effect of Liquid BioCell on Hyaluronidase?

  The naturally-occurring matrix of Liquid BioCell® contains very small sizes of molecules which include hydrolyzed collagen (i.e., collagen-derived peptides) and low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid (HA) and Chondroitin Sulfate. Our study showed Liquid BioCell® inhibited hyaluronidase which ...
Orange arrow I am on blood thinners (Coumadin/Warfarin), will Liquid BioCell affect my medication?

  Blood thinners such as Warfarin (Coumadin) have been known to have interactions with dietary supplements and antioxidants, and people on those or any type of medication should consult with their physician before using any dietary supplement. Should you require advice for any particular health condi...
Orange arrow What is the source of the Fruits in Liquid BioCell Life and is it Pasteurized?

  At Jusuru International, we source our fruits and extracts from carefully-selected, US-based suppliers. We manufacture Liquid BioCell Life at our state-of-the-art NSF cGMP compliant facility in Anaheim, California, which is also certified by the NPA. We do not pasteurize the finished product and us...
Orange arrow What is the Shelf Life of Liquid BioCell Life?

  Liquid BioCell Life has a shelf life of 15 months in an unopened bottle; however, it should be refrigerated immediately after opening. Please handle your product with care. Unopened bottles should not be stored in an environment above room temperature. After opening, it is imperative that the produ...
Orange arrow What is the amount of Fiber in Liquid BioCell Life?

  Liquid BioCell Life does not contain a high amount of fiber which is why we do not list it on our label as a high source of fiber. Liquid BioCell Life does contain naturally-occurring fiber, but cannot be considered a "fiber-rich" source in one's diet. For more information on our products, please v...
Orange arrow What is Liquid BioCell?

  Liquid BioCell® is a multi-patented joint and skin health nutraceutical that contains a naturally-occurring matrix of hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate, and hydrolyzed collagen. Liquid BioCell® is a breakthrough ingredient that has been the subject of multiple clinical studies in which s...
Orange arrow Taking Large Dosages of Liquid BioCell Life

  Our human bioavailability study showed that the levels of hyaluronic acid (HA) start to reach a maximum/optimal level at around 28 days on the recommended dosage of 2 ounces twice per day, and the hyaluronidase inhibition that occurs is dose-dependent. The good news is that you don’t necessa...
Orange arrow Liquid BioCell Life Sugar Content

  Liquid BioCell Life contains only seven grams of sugar with each serving. Diabetics should have their blood sugar levels tested regularly. Anyone with a diagnosed health condition should consult their doctor prior to changing their diet or using any dietary supplements....
Orange arrow Sodium in Liquid BioCell Life

  Liquid BioCell Life contains 29mg of sodium per serving of 60 ml (or 2 ounces). Typically, those with high blood pressure should be watching their sodium intake (the FDA recommends no more than 1,500mg per day). It is not our intention to prescribe or give medical advice. Should you require advice ...
Orange arrow My product was damaged?

  If your order was damaged in transit, you may call UPS at 1-800-742-5877 to report a damaged package and it will be redirected back to our office for processing of your replacement. You can ship the product to the address on your package or you may ship the product directly to our home office at: J...
Orange arrow If a new iRep enrolls, pays the $39.95 enrollment fee, but does not make a purchase of at least $140 until the 27th day, will that be considered a “first order” and eligible for Fast Start bonuses to

Orange arrow Do you have to buy a case to be commission active?

  To be COMMISSION ACTIVE, so you can earn bonuses and commissions, does NOT require a personal purchase. The 140 PV requirement can come from any combination of Wholesale and Retail Customers who purchase online, as well as personal purchases....
Orange arrow Does Liquid BioCell have any added hormones?

  Liquid BioCell is derived from a by-product of humanely-treated chickens from the world’s most reputable and regulated farms. It is also GMO, antibiotic, and hormone-free....

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