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How do I maintain my paid-as-rank?

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How do I maintain my paid-as-rank?


Venture III: A previously Paid-as Venture III will remain Paid-as Venture III Qualified for the period in which an iRep in his/her Personal Group Volume first achieves the Rank of Venture III, as long as the iRep meets the PV requirement.

Endeavor I and above: If an iRep has one or two legs that are below what it takes to make rank, it will add all PV to the legs' DV. EXAMPLE: Two legs are short $100 each of the minimum Leg Volume requirement and the iRep purchases $280 worth of product, the system will add PV to the minor legs in order to bring both legs up to the requirements needed; in this case, one leg will have $180 added in, and the other $100.


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