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Is Liquid BioCell™ Life safe?

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Is Liquid BioCell™ Life safe?


Yes. Liquid BioCell Life is a safe and nutritional supplement, made with natural ingredients, that provides healthy aging
benefits, active joints, and younger-looking skin. The following are the ingredients that comprise Liquid BioCell Life and
related safety notes:

Liquid BioCell™:
Liquid BioCell has been tested in multiple toxicology studies which have proven it to be safe. Additionally, Liquid BioCell
has earned GRAS-designation, as it is Generally Recognized as Safe. Furthermore, since its launch in 1997, Liquid BioCell
has been safely and effectively consumed by millions of consumers worldwide with no adverse effects. Billions of doses of
this ingredient are safely consumed each year.

Although this component is naturally found in red wine and has been historically consumed for hundreds of years, human
clinical trials have also shown that even very high doses of Resveratrol have been safely tolerated.

Thirteen Fruit Blend:
All of the fruits in Liquid BioCell Life are carefully selected based upon ongoing scientific research as well as traditional use
in countries within North America, South America, Asia, and Europe. Each one of these fruits has been safely consumed
throughout history.

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